Monday, 16 May 2011

The wart in my garden

This weekend we have done a bit of decking. Or more correctly, OH has put down some decking while I supervised and helpfully pointed out any imperfections ;-) I've been a bit grumpy about the decking. The stuff itself is fine, nothing fancy just a rectangle of decking in the corner of the patio. My problem is that the reason for its existence is to provide a level platform for OH's Lay-Z-Spa. This a great grey blow up hot tub and is easily the ugliest thing I've seen a garden for some time. I also have concerns about how much water and electricity it will use but I am outnumbered. The kids love it and OH talked me into it before I had a chance to think about it.
So we now have this great monstrosity blocking most of the view of the garden from the patio. The only thing I can think to do is plant up lots of containers and try to pretty up the rest of the patio to soften the blow a bit. Maybe its not all bad. It's a good excuse to plant up lots of tubs with very pretty things and I must admit it was quite nice in that hot weather, after a hard days weeding and the kids had gone to bed, to sit in it with a glass of wine and watch the bats.
BTW, we bought it in Homebase on the Easter weekend when they had them for half price.

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