Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sunshine and showers

Well the garden needed it I'm sure but the rain has been getting on my nerves. Is it stopping is it starting? Coat on, coat off...
Anyway it was nice to see the sun for a while this afternoon and I managed to get some edging and weeding done. Where do they all come from? Alan was right about the edging too. Makes the whole garden look better instantly. I need to buy some long handled shears though the short ones made life unnecessarily difficult!
I also managed to get the potatoes planted. They are just in bags on the patio. I planted Maris Piper which seems a bit mad because they are what you'd buy in the shops but I thought I'd try a little experiment. OH, who does a lot of the cooking, always turns his nose up at my homegrown spuds but always goes on about buying Maris Piper for roast potatoes. So this year he'll have not a leg to stand on and will eat them with much praising of my horticultural skills. Or I might just sneak them into the cupboard and see if he can tell the difference!
In the sunny spells the bees and myself have been enjoying the Nectaroscordum siculum, a very ugly name for a lovely flower if you ask me. Sicilian honey garlic isn't much better but easier to say I suppose. I'm so pleased to have these here. We had them in another garden 3 houses ago and I loved them then. The colours are so delicate and I love the way they unfurl from their buds.

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