Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Wow, the weather has been way too nice to stay inside and blog. In truth, I have been really busy with the kids but I've found time to do a bit of gardening too.
My roses have blackspot which I wasn't too worried about but some of them seem to be really badly affected and have lost most of their leaves so I have decided to spray them. I don't really like using chemicals and spraying roses seems a bit futile to me as the blackspot always comes back but I'm hoping that if I spray them hard this year that they might recover enough to make it to next year in better shape. Then I will sort the men from the boys and get rid of all the sickly roses and replace them with something stronger.
One that I am going to take cuttings of is this climber.

It is the cleverest rose I have ever met in that its flowers change colour. The buds are red and yellow, they then turn peachy as they open. The older flowers are a deep pink. You end up with a plant covered in different coloured flowers. Very cool. I actually thought there was something wrong with it at first but my friends over at Gardeners Corner tell me it is called Masquerade!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Mystery plants

As I've said before I am a novice gardener and there are a quite a few plants in the garden that I don't have a clue about so I'm going to see if anyone can identify them for me.
This is the first mystery. It looks familiar but I'm not sure I've ever known what its called.

This I suspect is a weed but it is quite pretty. I would like to pull up a large clump of it but thought I had better check what it was first!

Any help would be much appreciated!